Entertainment marketing executive Terry Curtin brings her passion for jewelry making to life with Terry Curtin Designs. These one-of-a-kind pieces are handcrafted from natural gemstones sourced from around the world to create unique jewelry and accessories that will complement your style.

A native of San Diego, in 2020 Terry moved her boutique marketing consulting agency from Los Angeles to her hometown of Coronado from where she continues to serve her Los Angeles studio and streaming clients. The flexibility of consulting allowed her to indulge her passion for jewelry making on a deeper scale. Crafting heartfelt gifts for family and friends soon led to being commissioned to create custom pieces, which eventually resulted in Terry opening Terry Curtin Designs in the summer of 2023 to share her distinctive creations more widely. 

Avid travelers, Terry and her husband Greg now take every travel opportunity to scour the globe for standout gemstones, findings, and antique pieces that become the basis of Terry’s original collections.  

All pieces offered by Terry Curtin Designs are made by hand, either in Terry’s local workshop or at her dining room table. Many pieces are made with rare findings and accent elements, resulting in no two pieces being exactly alike.  

Hopefully these thoughtful pieces bring you as much joy as Terry had designing them.